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Celtic Timber - For all of your Oak needs.

Established in 2007, our family run business originally began by selling reclaimed railway sleepers and quickly evolved to offer many other products.

We source all of our products from trusted and reliable suppliers, who we have built great working relationships with over the years.  We offer consistently high quality products at competitive prices, whilst also ensuring that all of our timber is sourced from sustainably managed forests.

On a daily basis we deliver locally, throughout the UK and Europe.  We have also sent products worldwide with customers in Africa and Malaysia amongst many others.

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Here are just some of the products we stock:

Oak Beams, Boards, Posts, & Sleepers

Mainly sourced from France, our carefully selected oak beams, and oak boards come as either air dried oak or green oak. Air Dried Oak Beams are ideal for internal use such as fireplace beams, oak lintels, oak flooring, oak doors, and structural A frame oak beams.
Green oak beams and boards are more suitable for structural use such as oak frame buildings and external landscaping uses, as well as industrial and commercial use.

Oak Barrels from 5 Gallon – 120 Gallon

Our Solid Oak Barrels are sourced from all over Europe and their uses are endless, from landscaping Oak Barrel Planters, & Oak Barrel Water Butts, to furniture making for tables, restaurants, cafés etc, as well as props for films, theaters, music productions.
We generally stock two different styles of used oak barrels which are Solid Oak Wine Barrels or Solid Oak Whiskey Barrels. The oak Wine Barrels are normally a newer looking barrel, light oak in colour with shiny galvanised bands, where as the Solid Oak Whiskey Barrels are dark in colour with bare steel bands, these are your more traditonal looking oak barrels. From time to time we do have available used brandy barrels, sherry barrels and port barrels.

We also stock a large selection of New Oak Acacia Barrels in sizes from 5 liters to 150 liters 

Water Butts

Our Oak Barrels can also be used as attractive Water Butts - simply choose the type of barrel such as French Oak Wine Barrel 55 Gallon or 110 Gallon Ex Whiskey Oak Barrel Butt

New Railway Sleepers

New Railway Sleepers are ideal for any landscaping project you have from fencing, raised beds, reatining etc. They are easier and cleaner to work with than used railway sleepers and the new softwood sleepers weigh around 50% less than a used sleeper. We stock new railway sleepers in various sizes as Softwood Sleepers and Hardwood Oak Sleepers.

Used Railway Sleepers

Used Railway Sleepers have endless uses, they are ideal for all types of landscaping and fencing duties, they have also become a very popular and a cheap alternative for retaining walls such as silage pits on farms and material holding bays in commercial recycling sites. A Used Railway Sleeper can weigh upto 120kg's depending on its moisture content. They are available as Hardwood Railway Sleepers & Softwood Railway Sleepers and in length up to 5m long.

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