5 Uses For Oak Barrel Planters

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Our Top 5 Ideas for Barrel Planters

Oak Barrel Planters are one of the most versatile products that we stock. A quick glance at Pinterest demonstrates that possible uses for barrel planters are only limited by your imagination and craft.

Before you start your project, consider what style and capacity of barrel you need. We stock Half Wine Barrel Planters, Quarter Wine Barrel PlantersHalf Whiskey Half Barrel Planters and brand new Acacia/Chestnut Half Barrel Planters. If you are looking for large, weathered oak barrel planters, we would recommend our Whiskey Planters, whereas if you are looking for something clean and new, we would recommend the Acacia Planters.

That said, here are our top 5 uses for oak barrel planters:

1. Using Barrel Planters for Growing Plants, Herbs and Trees

This one is the most obvious, in the name and is the most popular use for our oak barrel planters. Barrel planters make a beautiful addition to any garden, adding rich character whilst providing a strong and well-drained structure to home your plants.

2. Using Barrel Planters for Fish Bowls

Our wine barrels and whiskey barrels have been used for distilling and alcoholic liquids and are therefore watertight. They make beautiful fish bowls and can handle being kept outdoors.

3. Using Barrel Planters as a Dog Bed/Cat Bed

So you have been to the local pet store but you want something better, a bit different or more special than the plastic dog bed that they have on display. How about an oak barrel dog bed?

4. Using Oak Barrel Planters as a Garden Water Feature

As mentioned above, our planters are completely watertight, opening up the potential for use as beautiful garden water features.

Oak Barrel Planter Water Feature with Cast Iron Water Pump

5. Using Oak Barrel Planters as Tables

Attached a piece of glass to a barrel planter and ‘hey-presto’, you’ve got a beautiful and completely unique table or coffee table!

Oak Barrel Planter Coffee Table

Got a unique project in mind and have some questions on whatis best to use? Our team is available on 01437 710043 to answer all of your questions. Otherwise, have a browse through our oak barrel planters and see which would fit your garden.

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