6 Things to Do to Keep Yourself Sane While Self-Isolating

Every single one of us has been affected by the huge impact that the Covid-19 pandemic has had on society.

Whether we are practising social distancing, or on full-scale lockdown in quarantine, after a few days of being at home we start to notice all the jobs around the house and garden that we’ve been meaning to do for months.

Once all of those jobs are done, we start looking at some home improvement projects, and that is where Celtic Timber can help.

Here’s our list of projects to make your home and garden and nicer place to spend in quarantine:

1: Install an oak beam above your fireplace

It is not a big or difficult job, but installing an oak beam mantle over your log burner or fireplace in your living room can change the tone and character of the room instantly. We offer sizes from 3″ x 4″ beams to 10″ x 5″‘s and 8″ x 8″‘s, up to 8ft in length.

We also have 3 different finishes and a range of colours so there is a style to suit each and every home.

2: Install some oak shelves to support all the books / DVD’s you’ve just bought on Amazon

We cut and join oak shelves to almost any size so there’s no excuse for not converting that awkward wall space into a beautiful set of oak shelves.

At a variety of colours, styles, shapes, and sizes, we have whatever you need for all the books you’re going to read whilst at home as well as all the DVD’s you’re planning to watch (people still buy DVD’s right?)

3: Get those herbs and plants into some oak barrel planters ready for spring!

We have the largest range of oak barrel planters in Europe. From rustic, weathered whisky barrel planters to beautiful wine barrel planters. Every size and every style.

We also have brand new barrel planters, made from chestnut and if you are looking for something a bit different, multi-level barrel planters:

4: Use some Celtic Timber woodchip for a raised garden bed or garden path

Whilst you’re in the garden, you may as well tidy up the garden path, pad out the ground underneath your child’s swing set or set up that raised flower bed that you’ve been meaning to do.

We have a comprehensive range of woodchip depending on use and the look that you’re aiming for.

Our whole tree woodchip is made up of both softwood and hardwood, includes the whole tree including bark and leaves.

Our virgin softwood woodchip lasts longer than bark mulch and therefore offers significantly better value for money.

Our virgin softwood shred, like the name suggests, is shredded rather than chipped and so is a longer, thinner chip, which is softer and springy.

5: Clad that shed or garden room

We supply an extensive range of larch and cedar cladding. Need somewhere to work from home or an area to escape the kids? We can supply sawn only, planed all round or profile (tongue and groove, rainscreen etc) cladding which will make your garden room a thing of beauty.

6: Hunker down by the fire with a glass of wine and warm fire

We have kiln-dried softwood logs and kiln-dried hardwood logs, as well as our completely unique kiln-dried oak beam offcut firewood.

Each of them will keep you warm and cosy by the fire as you quarantine and keep safe.

To all of our customers, stay safe and keep washing those hands.

If we can help you with any other projects, get in touch and we’ll help anyway we can.

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