Author: Jon Howcroft

Marketing Manager at Celtic Timber
Oak Shelves with Brackets and Natural Live Edge

New Year, New Lockdown, New Home Project

Welcome to 2021. A new year that was welcomed with waves of optimism, only to be met with further lockdown restrictions throughout the United Kingdom. Lockdowns can be incredibly difficult, but there can also be positives that you can draw from being restricted to your homes and gardens. Who doesn’t love a DIY project? Maybe […]

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Where Can I Buy An Oak Beam Mantle?

We’ve been a leading online supplier of French oak beams for mantles and fireplaces for over a decade. Each and every beam sent out over that time has been lovingly cut, shaped and sanded by our expert team of carpenters. But why choose Celtic Timber as the place to buy your oak beam mantle? We […]

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Celtic Timber Wine BArrel Whiskey Barrel Oak Beams and Oak Shelves

Covid-19 Update

From today (11th May 2020) we are able to process most orders, allowing for an extra week or so extra delivery due to limiting the number of staff on-site at any time and the volume of orders that we are processing. All freshly cut sawmill orders will be processed once lockdown restrictions are lifted, around […]

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Larch Garden Shed Cladding Pembrokeshire

6 Things to Do to Keep Yourself Sane While Self-Isolating

Every single one of us has been affected by the huge impact that the Covid-19 pandemic has had on society. Whether we are practising social distancing, or on full-scale lockdown in quarantine, after a few days of being at home we start to notice all the jobs around the house and garden that we’ve been […]

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Lightly Worked Oak Mantle Beam - Pure Oil

Six Considerations for Choosing An Oak Beam Fireplace / Mantelpiece

In our opinion, there is no feeling more satisfying than installing a beautiful, natural oak product as the centrepiece of your living room to create an elegant and charming oak beam fireplace. Rather watch this blog than read it? However, there are many factors to consider before ordering your oak beam fireplace. Here are our top […]

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Kiln Dried Hardwood Firewood Logs Delivered in Pembrokeshire

Who Sells the Best & Cheapest Hardwood Firewood Logs in Pembrokeshire?

All of our 5-star product reviews and the customer recommendations from our Facebook Page would suggest that the best firewood supplier in Pembrokeshire is Celtic Timber. But we’re not content with just supplying the best product and service, we also supplier cheaper kiln-dried firewood than anyone else. Our builders’ bags of kiln-dried hardwood logs are […]

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Keyhole Bracket Installation with Oak Beams

Oak Beam Keyhole Bracket Installation

Keyhole Bracket Installation What you will need: Drill, tape measure, screwdriver, spade bit (or preferably forstner bit) at 30mm diameter, pencil, spirit level, masonry bit Step 1. Using your tape measure and pencil, draw a vertical line around 4 inches from one end of your beam on the face that you intend to fit to […]

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Kiln Dried Seasoned Hardwood Firewood Logs

Why buy Kiln-Dried Firewood instead of air dried or Freshly Cut?

Featured Products: All of Celtic Timber’s firewood is kiln-dried to a moisture content of between 10% and 20%. After the logs and oak offcuts have been cut and split to size, they are placed into our eco-friendly drying kilns for a number of days. Our kilns are powered by our eco-friendly biomass boilers, which in […]

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Grade B Oak Whiskey Barrel for Sale

Whiskey Barrel FAQ’s

Featured Product: Can you buy used whiskey barrels? Yes, you can. Celtic Timber stock a greater volume and range of oak whiskey barrels than anyone else in Europe. We deliver for free to any address in mainland UK, and highlands and islands for a small surcharge. What are whiskey barrels made from? Whiskey barrels are […]

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Red Wine Barrel Pub Table with Wine Barrel Bar Stools

Buying Oak Barrels For Hospitality, Restaurants, Bars and Pubs

We have the largest selection of used oak barrels in the UK, stocking ex-Wine Barrels and ex-Whisky Barrels from approximately 85cm tall (40 Gallon Whisky Barrels) to over 1.3m tall (120 Gallon Whisky Barrels). The barrels each come with their own history and character. Both whisky barrels and wine barrels are crafted by expert coopers […]

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Set of Kiln Dried Oak Shelves

Buying Oak Shelves: 5 Considerations Before You Purchase

Featured Product: What Size Oak Shelf Should I Order? Before placing your order, you’ll need to consider what thickness, depth and length of oak you require for your shelves. Thickness Our oak boards start at a thickness from 27mm up to 50mm thick (approximately 2 inches) but will lose up to 8mm during the planing […]

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Solid Oak Beam Mantle Fireplace

11 Fireplace Ideas using an Oak Beam Mantel

Featured Product: Depending on the type of person you are and the style of home you have created, the centrepiece of your living room is probably either your fireplace or your TV (or in some cases, both). As the appeal of traditional log burners in this country grows, so too does the appeal of traditional […]

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