Buying Oak Barrels For Hospitality, Restaurants, Bars and Pubs

We have the largest selection of used oak barrels in the UK, stocking ex-Wine Barrels and ex-Whisky Barrels from approximately 85cm tall (40 Gallon Whisky Barrels) to over 1.3m tall (120 Gallon Whisky Barrels). The barrels each come with their own history and character. Both whisky barrels and wine barrels are crafted by expert coopers using thick solid oak staves and steel bands.

What is the difference between oak whisky barrels and wine barrels?

Wine Barrels

The majority of our wine barrels are imported from top European vineyards in France, Spain and Portugal. The barrels are younger than whisky barrels, often only 4 or 5 years old, and are stored indoors, maintaining a mostly clean, blonde oak appearance. The lighter oak also allows us to be able to laser engrave your business name in any font you chose or your logo

The steel bands are also galvanised so that they are strong and clean. Depending on our stock, some of the barrels may have red stains around the middle of the barrel, as marked by the vineyard, or they may have chestnut hoops around the end to make them easier to move and handle compared to the steel ends.

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Whisky Barrels

The majority of our whisky barrels have been sourced from Scotch distilleries or famous American bourbon distilleries. We even get some that have been subsequently re-used as rum barrels. They are a little older than wine barrels and often stored outside, resulting in a more rustic and weathered look.

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Both wine barrels and whisky barrels are perfect for projecting their character and history into restaurants, bars, pubs, cafes and delis. Their size makes them perfect for a number of uses including:

Barrels for Tables

Our oak whiskey barrels start from 880mm tall and come in a range of sizes, most of which are perfect for use as an indoor or outdoor table. The 55 Gallon Dumpy Whisky Barrels and the 110 Gallon Puncheon Barrels both very large top surface areas due to the shape of the barrels.

Our oak wine barrels are approximately 950mm tall, and generally provide a cleaner, flatter surface for use as a table.

Barrel Tables with Fitted Oak Table Tops

Looking for a larger surface area for your table? We can fit solid oak table tops onto wine and whiskey barrels to create a space of 800mm x 800mm or 900mm x 900mm*. We can laser engrave

We can also supply hand built oak stools with the legs created from our wine barrel staves to maintain the style and branding into your customer seating.

*900mm x 900mm table sizes for wine barrels only

Oak Barrels for Drinks Dispensing and Storage

Our new oak barrel kegs sit perfectly on the front or the back of your bar. Ranging in size, they are ideal for storing and dispensing wine, beer or whisky, rum, tequila and other spirits. They come equipped with a stand, stopper and oak tap and can also be engraved with your logo or business name or the logo of your chosen drink on either end.

Decoration Barrels for Pubs and Resteraunts

The background and history of our barrels mean that they can be introduced to tapas restaurants, delis, pubs and cafes and instantly add character and charm. They can be used for dessert stands (or cake stands for a function room), window displays or displaying liquours or wines.

Our barrels can also be cut and engraved with logos or brands to be fitted onto the walls

Oak Barrel Planters for Beer Gardens

Our barrels can be cut in half or moulded into a variety of different shapes to create the perfect oak barrel planter for your beer garden. We also create mutli-level barrel planters which are perfect for growing your own herbs to keep your chef happy!

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