Buying Oak Shelves: 5 Considerations Before You Purchase

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What Size Oak Shelf Should I Order?

Before placing your order, you’ll need to consider what thickness, depth and length of oak you require for your shelves.


Our oak boards start at a thickness from 27mm up to 50mm thick (approximately 2 inches) but will lose up to 8mm during the planing and sanding process that creates the finished product.


This is the distance that your oak shelf will come out from the wall that it is fixed to. If you select to keep the oak board’s natural waney edge (see our last consideration), then this will be the width of the shelf at its narrowest point.

Depending on our stock, any boards over 250mm wide may be joined. Our experienced team of joiners ensure that the join is as seemless as possible.


We price our oak shelves by the foot up to 8ft long (approximately 2.4m). We can cut the shelves to any length – simply order the size in feet above what you require and specify in the order notes the exact length you need the shelf cut to when checking out.

What Colour Protective Oil Should I chose for my Oak Shelves?

Coloured Protective Oak Oils

We sell 8 different varieties of coloured oils for oak shelves to suit any home and taste, along with larger pots of Rustin’s Danish Oil.

Our most popular oil is the mid-oak pure oil, which is very similar in colour to Danish Oil.

What Brackets / Supports Should I Use for my Oak Shelves?

Our straight brackets are perfect for creating floating shelves out of oak boards – with no visible support securing them to the wall. Alternatively, we have a variety of different styles and sizes of L-Shape brackets to add style to the shelf’s support

Why Choose Kiln Dried Oak Shelves instead of Air Dried or Green Oak?

Kiln-dried oak has been dried to reduce its moisture content to less than 15%. This means that it will not move and crack to adjust to your home’s heat and environment the way that air dried, or even more so, green oak would, making it ideal for use in oak shelves.

We offer our kiln-dried oak shelves either planed only – so that they are flat and square, or planed and sanded so that they are finished smooth, taking away sharp edges, and generally providing a better finish.

Can My Oak Shelves maintain the tree’s natural Live or Waney Edge?

Our oak shelves are available either with the tree’s natural edge or cut straight depending on your preference at no extra cost.

Got any questions?

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