Five Considerations Before Buying your Larch and Red Cedar Cladding

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Using softwood timber for exterior wall cladding is growing in popularity in the UK and is a cost effective way to make the outside of your home/business look beautiful and natural, whilst increasing its valuation.

This blog will go over the top 5 factors that you will need to consider before purchasing your larch exterior cladding or western red cedar exterior cladding.

1. How much cladding do I need to cover my house?

When you select your softwood cladding from the Celtic Timber website, we provide options for the timber width, length, and thickness. Before ordering, you will need to measure the squared meterage that needs covered by the cladding and work out how many boards you will need based on the length and width selected. We have a helpful calculator at the top of each description which will calculate how many boards that you need to cover your given square meterage. It is also worth bearing in mind that both timbers will move and shrink as they dry and acclimatize.

2. What is the difference between Larch Cladding and Western Red Cedar Cladding?

Both larch and cedar are softwoods and have very similar coloring. However, cedar is slightly softer than larch, but is more durable and less likely to move and twist. As an added bonus, freshly cut cedar has a beautiful, sweet scent that is often used in air fresheners and candles.

3. What style cladding would look best on my home or business?

We are able to supply both our cedar cladding and our larch cladding with either its natural, waney edge or with square, straight edges. There is no difference in the cost, so it just comes down to your taste and how you want the cladding to look.

Our exterior cladding can be fitted vertically or horizontally and can be fitted either side by side or with overlap.

4. Do I need to treat exterior cladding?

Neither larch and cedar cladding boards will need to be treated. However, they may lose their natural colour and turn a greyer colour as they weather and age. We can supply a range of wood protectors to maintain or alter the colour of your cladding.  The following pictures are approximately 18 months apart:

5. Is exterior cladding sawn or planed?

We offer both planed or rough sawn boards for exterior cladding depending on your preference.

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