Incorporating Oak Into Character Properties

Most properties over 20 years old will have gone through some form of renovation. This might be simple things such as a garden restoration, or a new ceiling. The problem with many renovations is that the cheapest way to get the job done is not necessarily the way that helps a property to retain its original character.

Character properties can sometimes be 150 years old or more, it stands to reason that whilst they might have once possessed character, the true identity of the property may have been lost over the years through renovation.

A great way to ensure that a character property repossesses that character is to start incorporating oak into the design.

Older properties would have used oak for a range of reasons -for some, it was purely for design purpose, for most oak offers a unique and rustic feel as well as extreme durability. Oak stands out in both those rehards from the majority of the poor quality building materials that are used today.

The use of oak in the home doesn’t have to stop at fireplaces and roofing.

The exterior says just as much about the property as the interior does. If you really want to renovate a property that offers consistency of character, oak should be used both indoors and outdoors.

A great way to incorporate oak into the exterior of a property without blowing a budget is to use oak barrels. A lot of people are now using them as free standing garden tables; perfect for when they are entertaining guests. Others prefer to go with a more abstract approach and use oak barrels to make rustic benches and swings.

There is a DIY option here; make swings and garden benches using oak barrels rather than purchasing them. Of course, like any product, you can buy it at any stage from the raw material, right down to the finished product.

The point in the supply chain that you make a purchase is really down to your DIY skills and the tools that you have at your disposal. All you should remember, even if you do have great DIY skills, is that oak is not cheap. One small mistake could end up making a fairly large dent in your bank balance; sometimes it is better to leave jobs to the professionals.

The question is where do you buy oak barrels? Celtic Timber offer the largest range of barrels in the UK, some used and some new, all of which are perfect for use for the interior and exterior of your property, allowing you to inject the character into a property that it once possessed.

Don’t be coaxed into the uncreative offerings that your local home retail/DIY store has on display. Instead, think about what your property used to possess in terms of character and make sure you revitalise it in a way that ensures that character is present once more