New Year, New Lockdown, New Home Project

Welcome to 2021. A new year that was welcomed with waves of optimism, only to be met with further lockdown restrictions throughout the United Kingdom.

Lockdowns can be incredibly difficult, but there can also be positives that you can draw from being restricted to your homes and gardens. Who doesn’t love a DIY project?

Oak Shelves for Plants

Maybe you have already completed a few projects, and you’re not sure what to do next. Here are some examples and how Celtic Timber can help:

Use Oak Shelves for Kitchen Storage

Our oak kitchen shelves are cut to order at any length (up to 2.4m long), and a variety of widths or thicknesses. We also provide a choice of oil colours and supply different bracket styles, depending on what best suits your kitchen.

The final look can vary depending on if you want a concise, square edge or to a more natural look by keeping the tree’s natural live edge.

Use an Oak Beam as a Lintel in Your Kitchen

While we are focusing on kitchens, our oak beams are used to great effect as a lintel. As you can see from some of the above photos, they work in modern kitchens as well as traditional cottages and can either be fixed, floating to the wall or built into it.

As with the kitchen shelves, we supply suitable brackets and a choice of coloured oils to suit the look you are wanting to achieve.

Use Oak Boards for Books and Storage

We love seeing inventive pictures like this sent in by our customers. This creative bookcase blends in seamlessly with the oak bench to create a blissful reading corner, allowing you to get lost in your books for the remainder of lockdown.

This was created from a number of our kiln-dried oak boards and creates a completely unique feature bookcase that you won’t find out the highstreet.

Modernise Your Fireplace with an Oak Beam Mantle

Bringing a beautiful piece of natural oak into your living room is a no brainer in our eyes. Our oak beams instantly modernise the look, especially when coupled with log burners, featured walls and/or TV’s, which often become the centrepiece of the room.

Again, as with all the above oak products, we supply a choice of coloured oil and brackets to fit the beam seamlessly to the wall, creating a floating shelf look.

Our 3 different finishes (contemporary, lightly worked and heavily worked edges), coupled with the unique natural splits, knots and grains in each oak beam ensure that each one is completely one-of-a-kind.

Use Oak Skirting and Oak Architrave to Bring Your Home to Life

Our oak skirting and architrave is the perfect finish to any home, especially if it can compliment oak beams or shelves elsewhere. We offer a variety of finishes, depending on the look you want to achieve.

Keep an eye out for our next post for exterior lockdown project ideas for your garden heading into Spring

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