The Perfect Oak Fireplace Beam for Your Log Burner

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We’re a little bit biased in saying that oak fireplace beams are the perfect addition to your living room to go above a log burner.

Whether you are renovating your house, your living room or just the fireplace, our beams will add character and functionality to the feature.

Before buying and installing your beam, here are a few tips and considerations:

1. How far above the log burner should I install my oak fireplace beam?

Our oak beams are air-dried to reduce their moisture content. However, there is a period of time once it has been installed where it will acclimatise to the humidity and temperature of your home. During this period, the beam will move and crack as it adjusts. As well as being a fire hazard, this process is exacerbated if the beam is installed too close to a log burner.

We advise that oak beams are installed a minimum of 450mm above the log burner.

2. Should I display my Oak Fireplace Beam as Shelf or as a False Mantle?

A lot of our popular beam sizes (such as 6″x6″, 5″x5″‘s and 6″x4″‘s) are relatively square, which provides a solid appearance, whilst providing a traditional mantle shelf for ornaments and your favourite birthday and Christmas cards.

However, growing in popularity are false mantles – often 8″x2″ or 10″x2″ – which are displayed with the larger face against the wall to create the perception of a larger beam.

3. What colour oak beam oil should I choose?

Included in the price for all of our Planed and Sanded Oak Beams is a pot of single coat coloured oak oil.

Some colours will look better in some rooms so we have created a choice of 8 to suit any home.

4. How do I install a floating Oak Fireplace Beam?

Luckily we have a couple of handy guides to help you with the easy install of your beam.

5. Where is the best place to buy an oak fireplace beam?

We may be a little biased on this one again. Celtic Timber will offer a price match on the same size and finish beam from anywhere else in the UK and will offer unbeatable quality.

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