Railway Sleepers

Celtic Timber’s railway sleepers have a massive variety of applications that include gardening – raised beds, retaining walls, ponds, steps and they can even be used as garden furniture.

Used Sleepers – Currently these are grade C and perfect for landscaping and gardening. Please check our listing for further information

New Sleepers – A massive range of sizes available, useful for construction trade, garden walls, ponds etc.

  • New Oak Hardwood Railway Sleepers

    Oak Hardwood Sleepers – New (Seconds)

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  • 10 X 2.5 X 8FT Softwood Railway Sleepers10 X 2.5 X 8FT Softwood Railway Sleepers

    Softwood Sleepers – New

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  • Pack of Clearance Hardwood Railway Sleepers (New)

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  • Pack of Clearance Reclaimed Railway Sleepers

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  • Reclaimed Grade A Railway SleepersReclaimed Railway Sleepers

    Reclaimed Railway Sleepers

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