Protective Board Butter / Wax


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Celtic Timber Board Butter / Wax

Made from 100% all-natural product.

Container – Food Safe Aluminium Tins NET WT 60G / 2.1oz – Recyclable &  UK Sourced

Ingredients – A Blend of natural beeswax and food-grade oils. All produced and Sourced in Wales.

Description – Preserves, protect and nourishes. this food-safe board wax naturally protects, nourishes and revives your chopping boards & utensils.

How To Use – Put a little wax onto a lint-free cloth and rub over the surface of the are to be covered and leave to soak in, several coats may be required for older or well-used boards.

Once the wax has penetrated the timber, buff off to leave a smooth, food-safe, natural and water-resistant finish. Repeat as required.

Important Note – this product is made using food-grade ingredients but is NOT for consumption.


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