Oak Beam T-Type Bracket Installation

T-Type Bracket Installation

What you will need:

Spirit level, 2x Screws per bracket, Screwdriver, Drill, 10mm drill bit, 12mm drill bit, pencil

Step 1.
Using a spirit level draw a straight level line on your wall where you intend the shelf/beam to hang – Draw the line the same length as the shelf and mark the centre point (this will be the centre of your beam).

Step 2.
Fixing to a studwork wall:

If your fixing to a stud work wall it is important to find the uprights/noggins behind the plasterboard and get as many fixings as possible into the stud work (Professional advice should be taken for this and the weight of your beam considered)

Mark where the brackets need to be on the wall and transfer these measurements onto the beam.

Fixing to solid block wall:

Draw a straight line down the middle of the side of the beam you intend to put against the wall, then mark the centre of the beam. Measure out from the centre evenly each way and mark where your brackets will go. Transfer these measurements onto the straight line you have drawn on the wall.

Step 3.

Using the 12mm drill bit, drill into the beam just slightly longer than the length of the brackets – it is important to drill these holes straight and level.

Step 4.

Using the 10mm drill bit, drill a 60mm deep hole into each of you bracket markings on your wall keeping the drill straight and level – tap the rawl plugs into the holes, they should be flush with the wall.
If you are fixing into timber stud work it is possible to screw the brackets straight into the timber with maybe a small pilot drill hole

Step 5: Fix the T-Type brackets to the wall using a screwdriver. Due to the thickness of a T-Type bracket, you may wish to rebate a small amount out of the oak beam in order for accommodate it (approximately 3mm) in order for it to fit flush against the wall. Use a spirit level to accurately ensure that the brackets are level with each other before fixing into place.

Step 6: Fit the beam fully onto the bracket. As there is no grip on the T-Type bracket, we advise that you use a small amount of adhesive to ensure that it fits firmly in place.


Your bracket should now be successfully installed!

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