Who Sells the Best & Cheapest Hardwood Firewood Logs in Pembrokeshire?

All of our 5-star product reviews and the customer recommendations from our Facebook Page would suggest that the best firewood supplier in Pembrokeshire is Celtic Timber.

But we’re not content with just supplying the best product and service, we also supplier cheaper kiln-dried firewood than anyone else. Our builders’ bags of kiln-dried hardwood logs are currently listed at just £79 (including VAT and free delivery to anywhere in Pembrokeshire). The best price advertised for kiln-dried hardwood logs elsewhere in Pembrokeshire at time of writing is £125 – over 60% more.

Pembrokeshire Firewood Delivery

We’ll deliver netted bags, builders bags, small loose loads and half loose loads of firewood throughout Pembrokeshire for free, within one week. Keep an eye out for our branded delivery van in your area:

Why Buy Kiln-Dried Firewood Instead of Air-Dried / Seasoned Firewood?

We go into a little more detail on the benefits of kiln-dried firewood logs over seasoned logs in this post but essentially:

  1. Kiln-dried firewood provides a hotter, cleaner burn
  2. You use less kiln-dried logs than seasoned / freshly cut firewood
  3. They are quicker and easier to light than air-dried firewood

Did You Know… All of Celtic Timber’s Kiln Dried Logs are Sustainably Sourced?

All of our firewood is sourced from FSC Certified, sustainable forests.

What does this mean? The FSC label guarantees that all of our firewood trees are replaced or allowed to regenerate naturally. We are conscious of not only providing a great quality product but also ensuring that the environment is negatively impacted as little as possible and that the forest remains for generations to come.

Buy your hardwood firewood logs here – https://www.celtictimber.co.uk/product/pembrokeshire-hardwood-firewood/

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