Why buy Kiln-Dried Firewood instead of air dried or Freshly Cut?

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All of Celtic Timber’s firewood is kiln-dried to a moisture content of between 10% and 20%. After the logs and oak offcuts have been cut and split to size, they are placed into our eco-friendly drying kilns for a number of days. Our kilns are powered by our eco-friendly biomass boilers, which in turn run from offcuts and unused wood.

What are the benefits of kiln-drying firewood?

1. Kiln-dried firewood provides a hotter, cleaner burn

Freshly cut firewood and most seasoned (air-dried) firewood have a much higher moisture content than kiln-dried firewood, often around 45% or higher. This means that burning seasoned or freshly cut firewood will be less efficient, as part of the energy is wasted removing the moisture from the wood as it burns rather than heating your home / business. The lower moisture content of kiln-dried firewood also means that both your stove and its screen will be cleaner and healthier, instead of being damaged by black smoke.

Rayburn, one of the UK’s leading stove suppliers, suggest the best type of wood for burning on their offical website:

The most important thing to ensure when you’re burning wood is that it is really dry, so you should always try and use either kiln-dried or seasoned wood logs. You can tell if wood is well seasoned by bark that comes off easily and cracks appearing from the centre of the log…. Burning damp logs or fresh logs with a high moisture content can create tars and smoke which can be corrosive, potentially damaging the lining of your flue and increasing the danger of a chimney fire. After seasoning, store your logs undercover to keep them dry and ready for use.


2. Use less logs than seasoned / freshly cut firewood

Because burning air-dried or freshly cut logs uses more energy, using kiln-dried logs ensures that you actually end up using less logs for a greater heat, over the same time period, making our firewood more cost-effective than air-dried seasoned log suppliers.

3. Kiln-dried logs are a versatile fuel source

Celtic Timber’s firewood will burn in all log burners, multi-fuel burners, open fires, pizza ovens, chimneys, braziers and also all solid fuel biomass boilers. We are also able to supply Biomass Suppliers List (BSL) authorised logs for your biomass boilers. According to The Energy Saving Trust, logs are often cheaper than pellets or woodchips, especially if you have a good, local supplier like Celtic Timber.

4. Lighter and cleaner to handle

As freshly cut logs contain significantly more moisture than kiln-dried logs, they can be up to twice as heavy to move and handle and will sometimes have moss, mould and fungi on the surface. All of our kiln-dried logs will be lighter and cleaner to handle and suitable to be stored indoors without fear of bugs and woodlice crawling out from them.

5. Quicker and easier to light

Anyone that has tried lighting green or wet logs, whether camping or for your stove, knows how frustrating starting and maintaining the fire can be, as well as producing colossus amounts of smoke. Kiln-dried firewood is much easier to light and requires very little paper, firelighters or kindling. Kiln-dried softwood logs in particular, will catch and burn in seconds.

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