Oak Beam Keyhole Bracket Installation

Keyhole Bracket Installation

Keyhole Bracket Installation with Oak Beams

What you will need: Drill, tape measure, screwdriver, spade bit (or preferably forstner bit) at 30mm diameter, pencil, spirit level, masonry bit

Step 1. Using your tape measure and pencil, draw a vertical line around 4 inches from one end of your beam on the face that you intend to fit to the wall. If there is a knot in the timber, avoid it by marking either side of it. Repeat this on the other end of the beam. 

We recommend using one bracket per foot in length of timber, so mark another line for each bracket, evenly spread across the length of timber.

Strike a horizontal line halfway from the top to the bottom face of the beam across each of the vertical lines that you have drawn. This gives you a centre point for a 30 mm/3cm diameter hole to be drilled.

Step 2. Using your handheld drill and spade bit (or preferably a forstner bit), place the centre of the drill bit on the lines you have already drawn and drill a hole approximately 8mm deep. Repeat this for all the markings you have made.

Step 3. Place your keyhole brackets in the hole you have made, making sure that they are the right way up (see image). Using your screwdriver, screw two screws into the holes provided on the keyhole brackets until the screws fit tight against the keyhole bracket. Repeat this with all the holes that have been drilled.

Step 4. Using your pencil and tape measure, mark on the wall very faintly the length of your timber where you want it to be placed. Using your tape measure and pencil, draw a small line as in STEP ONE of the installation, (around 4 inches on either side and then evenly across the timber to line up with where the keyhole brackets have been installed).

Step 5. Using your spirit level, draw a horizontal line across the outline that you have made in STEP 4, this creates a centre line for your masonry drill bit.

Step 6. Using your masonry drill bit and handheld drill, drill a hole in the in to the wall where you have made your marking to the correct depth off the wall plugs you are using (please note that you will need to match your drill bit to the wall plugs otherwise you will run the risk of the hole being the wrong size).

Step 7. Place wall plugs into the holes which you have made in Step six ensuring the plugs are flush with the wall. Using your screwdriver screw in the correct length screw into the wall plugs ensuring you leave approximately 3mm gape from the head of the screw and wall. Line up the keyhole brackets to the screws on the wall and place the timber against the wall (please note you may need to adjust the screws to suit the depth hole of the keyhole brackets).

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